Best toxin free effective Sunblock

Ok, so a question I often ask people is ‘what is our biggest ager?’ Some know and some don’t, but it is hands down: the sun. Just take a look at a place, like say the back of your neck, that has seen the sun way less then your hands, lower arms, face or chest. You will notice that the skin that hasn’t seen much of the sun has way less spots, wrinkles and sagging. It’s a known fact. So, you can be using all kinds of great products to help your skin and then if you go out regularly into the sun, all the good effects of the products can be reversed.

With that, above all that I advise, I recommend using great sunblock every single day that you plan to leave your house. Why? Because even in your car, sun comes through the windows. I noticed at one point that I have more aging on the left side of my face and I am now sure that it is because of all the driving I’ve done in my life.

I have done a ton of research to find a strong effective sunblock that fits Hair Naturally’s mission statement of being as green and clean as possible, as effective as possible and as low priced as possible. And I’ve found it and use it every single day on my skin. On top of that, it does not make you look dried out and chalk white like some natural sunblocks do. I sell two versions of it in the shop. One, is just plain sunblock and I use it on my body when I am going to be outdoors, and even just on my hands and arms when I’m going to be driving. It is Thinksport Safe Sunscreen and you can buy it at a fantastic price right here and if you want a tinted version of the same great brand that blends and evens your skin tone beautifully for your face or hands click here

Lastly, always remember too to wear long sleeves, collars on your shirts, hats and sunglasses as these also will protect your skin from the aging effects of the sun. Some even wear gloves when driving to cut down on age spots on their hands. Of course, as health and beauty are often so intertwined, avoiding skin cancer is also a huge benefit of protecting your skin from the sun.

I’m a person who is not willing to give up my time outdoors as I enjoy nature so much. I’m also a person that has very fair skin, has sunburned much as kid, has had skin cancer and cares about my appearance. So, yes, I’m all in when it comes to sunblock and promote it regularly.

So, enjoy your life and enjoy good health practices.

Lots of love to you, my friends!

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A great Anti aging serum

I have been inspired recently by one of my customers to get on it and post! She texted me in the middle of a dermatologist appointment as they were encouraging her toward a vitamin C serum that costs $180! Whaaaat? Now, we all know that part of Hair Naturally’s vision as a salon is to share awesome pure products at an affordable price. She knows this very well so she was texting me for an answer right away before she spent her last dime on this ‘miracle’ help for her aging skin.

Yes, vitamin C serums are great AND I hadn’t posted about them yet and so this was a timely prompt for help for her as well as any other of my readers. I texted her back not to buy it as there are other great Vitamin C serums. Vitamin C serum is great alone. It has wonderful skin brightening properties and so with that can lighten acne scars and age spots. Who doesn’t want that? Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that fights free radicals which cause damage and further aging. Some vitamin C products go further and add other great anti-aging ingredients. One other thing I texted her is that you have to be careful about sun exposure when using vitamin C because it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun. I know she is an avid runner and this is a big deal because those spots are going to come right back, ESPECIALLY if you don’t watch it out there doing exercise in the sunshine. And so they were selling her a sunblock as well. Is that enough? Not always. You may also want to add running in early morning or dusk to avoid more sun and also wear a hat and sunglasses. But anyways, end of story, she didn’t buy the serum and is so is glad about that.

So, if are interested in finding a great anti aging, anti acne/scarring Vitamin C serum, please consider Eva’s vitamin C+ serum. Click on the link to buy it now from Amazon. MSM is added to this serum and is known to work well with Vitamin C to build new healthy tissue, while helping build collagen. Niacinamide is known to visibly reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fines lines and dullness. So this also can have a great effect as far as Vitamin C serums go. And of course, you will find that the price is right… only $14.95 and with great reviews, a far cry from $180!

Remember too to check all products on a small portion of your skin before slathering them all over to check for any allergic reaction. Products mentioned in this post are a little stronger then your average night cream and it’s normal to have them tingle a bit when used, but should not cause any extreme irritation. So please stop using if you notice that kind of reaction.

Oh wait! Another tip… I used to buy another Vitamin C serum but started reading reviews that it came looking not great and was not effective. You see, Vitamin C serums can be sensitive and can go bad if not properly stored. So, as a precaution, once you receive your product, I recommend always storing your Vitamin C serum in a cool dark place. If you want to be really careful, make that your refrigerator

Thanks for reading. Have a beauty filled day!

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Have you heard of Korean skin care?

Korean skin care is the latest hot thing in the skin care market. I have been learning about their techniques and products and can see some great benefits from them.

An example is from their skincare routine. They start with an oil cleanser to remove makeup and excess oily sunscreen and creams from the face. They they move to a sudsy cleanser afterwards for a deep clean each day. I will suggest products from Korea in a later post, but for now am wanting to explain some other principles taken from them.

They are also very into facial massage, facial exercises and more of which I plan to write more about later also as these can be VERY beneficial for the skin.

One thing I’m learning as I look at the whole world of skincare, meaning what the trends are in different cultures, I see the United States standing out in a way that isn’t so great or desirable to me. I’m actually changing my view on skin care from things I’m learning from other cultures. I’m gaining new principles that will help me and hopefully others, including you who are reading this, in the long run. You see, a lot of Europe and the east do some things we need to learn from. When it comes to aging, they tend to be more proactive in the area of active PREVENTION and enduring with the time it takes to change things.

What is active prevention and why would we endure? For example, I find that as I learn about skin care in other cultures, they spend a good amount of time actively working to prevent wrinkles and sagging on the skin through things such as facial massage and exercise verses here in the West, where we often suddenly realize we look old and then work hard to reverse it with extreme strategies that show us results right now. One of my goals as I seek to do all things safely, inexpensively, naturally and non toxic is to not turn to a little more extreme things like surgery or injectables. NOT that I in any way think it is wrong for people to do these. It is just my personal choice to avoid them. And so, with that, I’m learning not only to work harder on prevention, but also to be ok with things not happening quickly as far as things I’d like to correct about my skin. It seems in the West, we play and don’t work on prevention, then suddenly get concerned with something and then want it fixed now sometimes with extreme measures where with other cultures, they put time into prevention and know that some things will take time to change.

An example of this prevention that I do think many here in the States are good at is applying daily sunscreen as well as wearing hats, sunglasses and protective clothing. I’ve been doing this for years as it is a known fact that the sun in our number one ager and I happen to love the outdoors. But there are other areas such as facial massage and exercises that we aren’t as strong in, that are excellent for prevention. We often work hard at the gym on our bodies, but don’t put that same effort into the muscles in our face, which can make a big difference.

An example about the area of something taking time to see results so as requiring the need for us to endure would be mewing. Have you heard about it? It also may need a whole different blog to detail it’s practice and benefits, but basically has to to with our tongue’s posture in our mouth and how this can effect the structure of our face in many ways. BUT, the key is it takes quite a bit of time to see results and so here is the principle of enduring verse seeing quick and then also intense results.

So, the principles I want to encourage you in for your skincare routine, particularly in the area of anti aging, are active prevention and endurance, that there may be some time before you see results.

I’m also writing about this now so that you will understand my approach as I introduce different ideas here on this blog in the future. I’m trying to build a foundation here of the wonderful benefits of doing very effective things naturally.

Thank you Korean skincare!

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Need all natural instant pain relief?

So happy to share with you an awesome homeopathic NATURAL, EFFECTIVE, and AFFORDABLE ( hear the common theme of the mission of my business) pain cream that makes a difference for so many!

Introducing Arnicare Cream! Derived from the Arnica Montana plant, Arnicare delivers fast relief from muscle pain, stiffness, swelling, discoloration from bruises and even joint and rheumatic pain associated with arthritis- all while being unscented and paraben free. Yay! These are exactly the types of qualities I love in a product.

I first heard about it from my 93 years old customer who says she keeps a tube of it next to her bed, so if she experiences any pain anywhere in her body, she applies it and claims it gives ‘instant relief.’ She thinks it’s an absolute miracle in her life as do the many people who have reviewed this product on Amazon. Take a look for yourself as it has 3885 reviews with an average of a 4 1/2 star rating, which is pretty rare.

All of this for only $7.59 and if you have Amazon Prime, it will be on your doorstep in 2 days with free shipping. Just click here and experience the instant relief God gave us through the creation of the Arnica plant.

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Good news about pricing

Hello again friends!

Hey, I want to talk about the pricing of various products. Often, in the world of beauty products and marketing, prices are lifted up very high because of the brand you are choosing. They may have fancy bottles, a celebrity marketing for them and big promises about how much their product can do for you. They may try to sell you a bottle of cream for $90 for one ounce that will only last you a month if you use it as directed.

I have been doing tons of research and this in one of the reasons I started this blog, to share all I’ve learned with you. I am a big ingredient researcher as I don’t want to put anything toxic on my skin regularly. So with all this research, I have discovered that there are often MUCH less expensive products with very similar ingredients to these big name brands OR even better ingredients with replica results or even BETTER results. This is great and important information.

You will see as you look at past posts on this blog that many products I suggest are very reasonably priced and I will continue with this for your benefit. I would love to carry these all in the salon, but we are limited with space. So stay tuned for more great products at great deals!!

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My favorite Company’s Hyaluronic Acid

My well researched and favorite skin care and cosmetic line is The All Natural Face. They are an amazing company that fits so perfectly with the mission statement of our shop, Hair Naturally. They are a toxin free, pure, clean ingredient company that has effective products that work well and are amazingly low priced. What more can you ask for? We have this company’s products with lots of samples and help with the line for you at the shop if you are local.

And so, have you heard yet of HA (Hyaluronic Acid)? It is a very popular skin care product because HA is actually naturally produced in our own bodies and so it assimilates into our skin perfectly. So as long as your product line is safe, it is so effective to use for plumping the skin with moisture and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles with it’s tightening effect. It actually attracts water to the skin and protects it’s cells. It flies off the shelf at the shop, but I wanted to introduce it to everyone who cannot make it into the shop for one reason or another here and to provide a link to buy it from.

Also for application, it’s best to put it on right after cleansing while your face is still damp as it actually attracts water so is most moisturizing and effective applied this way.

Also, this is the best serum to use when derma rolling as it is clean and natural, so it’s safe to go beyond the epidermal layer of your skin, and this really boosts it’s performance.

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Cook safer- alternatives to traditional nonstick pans

So I love my eggs in the morning to start my day off with protein. And I’ve been using the same nonstick frying pan for years. I know… non stick- not necessarily healthy. And yet, I couldn’t get myself to buy another when I didn’t really need one until it was so old it was not really non stick anymore. So at Christmastime, I was shopping for others and came across a pan that was a healthy non stick pan for a pretty good deal. And I love it! It is made by Ecolution and they use a non stick process that is healthier.

Here is a link to one very similar to the one I got. I think the one I got is discontinued. They also have copper option here.

Here’s to another way to eat healthy!

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A free tip for those struggling with cold, flu, allergies or sinus problems/headaches

I have had a revelation lately that has made quite a difference for me. I struggle with allergies and an occasional sinus headache. I have always been perplexed as the headaches often come on when there is also added stress in my life and so I thought if I rested or slept, it might help. BUT many times when I slept on it for the night, I woke up with an even worse headache. So, I tried something different when I slept and that was adding a pillow or 2 more then what I usually use under my head so that it was elevated. My headaches would be gone in the morning. Then recently a family member had a bad cold that would lead to coughing a lot in the night, but when she slept with her head more elevated it would cut the coughing spells down.

Of course, I love that this is of course all natural and free! Hope it helps someone!

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Very important info for women about birth control

Maybe some of you already know this, but this is new information for me that I think everyone should know concerning birth control.  I’ve learned through hearing personal testimonies (as I work around women all day long) and now from studying the topic further.  Did you know that some forms of antibiotics can weaken the effect of your birth control pills?  And so obviously, there are two major effects ladies are having: breakthrough bleeding and unplanned pregnancies!  All because maybe their doctor didn’t know or didn’t warn them that this was the case.  To me, this is valuable information, so please share.  Thank you!  And thanks again for taking time to read this blog.

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How to fight inflammation on the face, as well as firm up tired skin, and heal injuries- intro to ice roller

Have you ever heard of an ice roller? It is an inexpensive way to help many issues on the skin and body.

An ice roller can be useful for any kind of swelling on the face from procedures such as derma rolling, eye swelling and baggy skin even just in the morning after sleeping or crying, swelling or inflammation from acne and more. It revitalizes the skin and lifts the face. It can be used on the face, neck or chest or really anywhere on the body to help heal injuries and wounded skin. It also helps obviously with overheated skin.

I bought this one at a great price on Amazon and it feels so good to roll across my face. It appears to firm the skin up right away and increase circulation, which is always a good thing.

I even recently shared it with a friend who was over at my house and experiencing terrible pain from cramps in her legs and it brought much relief.

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