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Hello again friends!

Hey, I want to talk about the pricing of various products. Often, in the world of beauty products and marketing, prices are lifted up very high because of the brand you are choosing. They may have fancy bottles, a celebrity marketing for them and big promises about how much their product can do for you. They may try to sell you a bottle of cream for $90 for one ounce that will only last you a month if you use it as directed.

I have been doing tons of research and this in one of the reasons I started this blog, to share all I’ve learned with you. I am a big ingredient researcher as I don’t want to put anything toxic on my skin regularly. So with all this research, I have discovered that there are often MUCH less expensive products with very similar ingredients to these big name brands OR even better ingredients with replica results or even BETTER results. This is great and important information.

You will see as you look at past posts on this blog that many products I suggest are very reasonably priced and I will continue with this for your benefit. I would love to carry these all in the salon, but we are limited with space. So stay tuned for more great products at great deals!!

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