Have you heard of Korean skin care?

Korean skin care is the latest hot thing in the skin care market. I have been learning about their techniques and products and can see some great benefits from them.

An example is from their skincare routine. They start with an oil cleanser to remove makeup and excess oily sunscreen and creams from the face. They they move to a sudsy cleanser afterwards for a deep clean each day. I will suggest products from Korea in a later post, but for now am wanting to explain some other principles taken from them.

They are also very into facial massage, facial exercises and more of which I plan to write more about later also as these can be VERY beneficial for the skin.

One thing I’m learning as I look at the whole world of skincare, meaning what the trends are in different cultures, I see the United States standing out in a way that isn’t so great or desirable to me. I’m actually changing my view on skin care from things I’m learning from other cultures. I’m gaining new principles that will help me and hopefully others, including you who are reading this, in the long run. You see, a lot of Europe and the east do some things we need to learn from. When it comes to aging, they tend to be more proactive in the area of active PREVENTION and enduring with the time it takes to change things.

What is active prevention and why would we endure? For example, I find that as I learn about skin care in other cultures, they spend a good amount of time actively working to prevent wrinkles and sagging on the skin through things such as facial massage and exercise verses here in the West, where we often suddenly realize we look old and then work hard to reverse it with extreme strategies that show us results right now. One of my goals as I seek to do all things safely, inexpensively, naturally and non toxic is to not turn to a little more extreme things like surgery or injectables. NOT that I in any way think it is wrong for people to do these. It is just my personal choice to avoid them. And so, with that, I’m learning not only to work harder on prevention, but also to be ok with things not happening quickly as far as things I’d like to correct about my skin. It seems in the West, we play and don’t work on prevention, then suddenly get concerned with something and then want it fixed now sometimes with extreme measures where with other cultures, they put time into prevention and know that some things will take time to change.

An example of this prevention that I do think many here in the States are good at is applying daily sunscreen as well as wearing hats, sunglasses and protective clothing. I’ve been doing this for years as it is a known fact that the sun in our number one ager and I happen to love the outdoors. But there are other areas such as facial massage and exercises that we aren’t as strong in, that are excellent for prevention. We often work hard at the gym on our bodies, but don’t put that same effort into the muscles in our face, which can make a big difference.

An example about the area of something taking time to see results so as requiring the need for us to endure would be mewing. Have you heard about it? It also may need a whole different blog to detail it’s practice and benefits, but basically has to to with our tongue’s posture in our mouth and how this can effect the structure of our face in many ways. BUT, the key is it takes quite a bit of time to see results and so here is the principle of enduring verse seeing quick and then also intense results.

So, the principles I want to encourage you in for your skincare routine, particularly in the area of anti aging, are active prevention and endurance, that there may be some time before you see results.

I’m also writing about this now so that you will understand my approach as I introduce different ideas here on this blog in the future. I’m trying to build a foundation here of the wonderful benefits of doing very effective things naturally.

Thank you Korean skincare!

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